Our Mission

NBW Insurance Group is committed to earning the trust and confidence of our clients.  We value their business and constantly strive to maintain mutually beneficial partnerships.  We work to do so by:

¨       Being an advocate for our clients, continuously monitoring legislative changes and the marketplace for the highest quality and 
     most cost efficient products, ideas, and applications.

¨       Providing expert technical counsel, professional recommendations, and thoughtful, creative solutions to client needs.

¨       Consistently seeking ways to better serve our clients and committing ourselves to not just meeting, but exceeding client

¨       Providing the most personal service possible and viewing our clients’ problems as our own.

Our Guiding Principles

Upholding the highest level of integrity at our organization is essential to meeting the expectation of our clients.  Therefore, we adhere to the following principles in each of our business relationships:

¨       We keep our promises.

¨       We maintain absolute confidentiality.

¨       We listen carefully to the concerns of our clients.

¨       We are honest, ethical, and fair in absolutely all that we do.

Our Professional Team

In order to achieve complete client satisfaction, we understand that our entire team must be equally motivated and well trained.  We strive to support and hold each other accountable in the following ways:

¨       Meeting a standard of excellence in all that we do.

¨       Treating each other with respect and dignity.

¨       Building on the talents of our employees by providing extensive education and training opportunities.

¨       Empowering each of us with the necessary tools to respond quickly and effectively to the immediate needs of our clients.

At NBW Insurance Group, we realize that this statement is more than just a collection of ideas – it is a covenant with our clients.  These words constitute a promise to provide the best service possible.  It is a pledge we keep.

706 Second Ave. South | Suite 600 | Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 | Phone: (612) 339-7385 | Toll Free : (800) 339-7385

Securities and Investment Advisory Services Offered Through M Holdings Securities, Inc.
A Registered Broker/ Dealer and Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC
NBW Insurance Group is independently owned and operated
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